Security Drivers

What is a security driver??

  • A security driver is a well-trained professional that is directly responsible for the safety and security of an at-risk individual (or a group of individuals, such as the members of a high-net worth family or a c-level executive of a corporation).
  • While conducting planned and unplanned movements by vehicle in a very wide range of conditions, situations, and circumstances
  • Either while they are working independently with minimal supervision or functioning as a member of a team under direct supervision of another protection practitioner.

Why hire a security driver??

The Security Driver
from a Business Perspective

Executive protection Transport Security Drivers

Our Security Drivers have years of experience and have been trained by Reputable/Recognized Providers which include Vehicle Dynamics Institute and LaSorsa and Associates.

Security Drivers Trained in:

  • Defensive Driving Theory
  • Protective/Evasive Driving Techniques (including armored vehicles)
  • Surveillance Detection Tactics & Techniques
  • Executive Protection Agent Training
  • Best Practices for the Solo practitioner
  • Protective Firearms& Defensive Tactics Training
  • Basic First Aid, AED, and CPR Certification
  • Protective Medical Training
  • Stop The Bleed Training
  • Tactical Emergency Casualty Care Training
  • Armed Security Guard Training (Licensed in the State of Georgia)